How Do Hallucinogens Actually Behave in the Body

It’s crazy to think that I was doing things like acid and mushrooms so often in high school. That really was a big leap from drink ayahuasca tea, but at the time I didn’t see it as so different. It was easy to learn from a quick google search that hallucinogens weren’t addictive.

I felt like I didn’t have to worry about any long term effects or damage because they weren’t like other drugs, not like the ones that really hurt you and messed you up. Boy, was I wrong.

You’ve read my story, so you know all about my psychotic break and how I still ended up needing to go to rehab. Mental addiction to drugs really can happen, and it’s a part of what made my drug use escalate so quickly.

It turns out that there are a lot more dangers to using hallucinogens than just that, though. Like any other drug, they can harm your body over time and through repeated use. Long term effects can be pretty freaking dangerous, really.

Hallucinogens change how you see and how you feel, they alter reality. That is both the allure and the danger. Some common hallucinogens include:

–    DXM (Dextromethorphan)

–    Ketamine/Special K

–    LSD/Acid

–    MDMD/ecstasy/Molly

–    PCP

–    Peyote

–    Psilocybin/Mushrooms

If you use hallucinogens regularly for too long what happened to me can happen to you as well. Here are some common long term effects of hallucinogens:

–    Depression

–    Difficulty with speech and thought

–    Disorganized thinking

–    Impaired concentration

–    Increased panic

–    Memory loss

–    Mood disturbances

–    Paranoia

–    Substance use disorder or addiction

–    Violent behavior

–    Visual disturbances

–    Weight loss

You can even just have panic attacks from using them as well. Not everyone has good trips, like how my friend Zach said that the last time he used ayahuasca, he didn’t like it. Bad trips can be seriously mind-bending and scary experiences.

Flashbacks are common as well. So even if you haven’t used or anything you can still experience the feelings of being high. That can seem cool, or it can mean you sit zoned out of your mind in the bathroom at school all day like with what happened to me.

The LSD mechanism of action involves affecting the serotonin receptors in your brain, which make you feel pleasure from actions. This means you can feel happiness from using LSD even before enjoying all the side effects. It’s part of what can make it addictive to use for some people.

I often get asked the question does acid make your brain bleed. I’m not sure about like, producing actual blood, but the acid can actually eat physical holes into your brain, so it’s definitely not great to keep using. I’ve never had a brain scan, so I hope it never got that bad, but it can affect your cognitive function over time.